How to Add Kodi Subtitle Services

With the vast amounts of content available on Kodi, one question that comes up from time to time is how to add subtitles to the movie or TV show you are watching. Subtitles are great for a few reasons. If you have any kind of hearing issues, using subtitle services for Kodi will help you understand key words you may have missed. They will also help you enjoy foreign films and shows.  Though adding subtitles may not sound too difficult, you still need to know what steps to take. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process. That way, you can enjoy the movie or show without missing the finer points.

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How to Set Up the Subtitles Service

Before you try to download anything, you have to turn on the services first. We’ll start this guide from the beginning to make it easy to follow. In the image below, you see the home screen. Click on the heading that is labeled System.

System One Click

That will bring up the Settings screen you see below. You can also click on Settings as a sub category if you like, but it will take you to the same screen. Now towards the top of the screen, click on the option that says Video.

Generic System Settings - Video

Once inside the video heading, look for the option that says Subtitles. Below, you see that you can set different options like font size, style, colour, etc. If you have those parts set, scroll down. Kodi does not make it obvious that you need to click on the right portion of the screen and scroll down, so we used an arrow.

Subtitles screen 1

Now, you see the heading that says Default TV show service. Since we are going to use a TV show, we will click on that option. However, choosing the default movie service is the same process. Click on the TV option.

select service

You will now see a a pop up screen that looks like the one below. There are no services listed, so click on Get more.

get more

You will now see a massive list of different subtitle services. The one we show here is, and that one should be used as your primary source. Though that is one of the best services out there, we suggest you download a few others using the same process.

choosing separates

The ones we recommend downloading additionally are and The reason for doing that is because of the chance the main service may not have that particular title. Yes, you can operate by only selecting one service, but if you encounter that problem, you will have to go back and add more anyway.

three options

And there you have it. The subtitle service is now set up for TV, and when you go to set up the movies, those sources will be there as well.

How to Download and Use the Subtitles Service

Now that you have gone through those steps, you are half way there. We will now show you how to access the subtitles you just downloaded. Exit out of that screen, and go to the TV show you want to use. As fans of classic American TV, we are going to use the Twilight Zone as our example. The arrow below shows four icons. The first one is the one you want. When you click on it, the heading will say subtitles. Click where it says Download.

Subtitle Use

After a few moments, you will see a list pop up that shows different choices. We typically start at the top. If there are problems, you can choose another one later.

Subtitle Use

That screen will go away, and you will see your show with subtitles. One thing we would like to show you though, is how to adjust the Subtitle Offset. Simply put, sometimes the subtitles do not match the timing on the screen. If that happens, go back to where you downloaded the subtitles, and click on Subtitle Offset.

subtitle offset 1

Now, you will see a slide bar at the top of the screen. When you move the bar to the right, the subtitle will be ahead, and to the left will cause it to delay. Just adjust it to the amount you need, and you will be able to sync the show or movie with the subtitles.

final screen

And there you have it, a guide to show you how to add subtitles to your movie or TV show. As we mentioned, it is not a difficult process, but it certainly can be frustrating if you do not know where the settings you are looking for are located. If you found this guide helpful, please share it with your friends to help them get the most out of Kodi.