The Music Source Addon Guide

One of the great features about Kodi is the ability to listen to music as well as video add-ons. There are many options for music add-ons, but one of the most popular ones is called The Music Source. You will be able to stream your favorite songs, right from your Kodi device. In this review, we will tell you how to do this.

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Note: The Music Source is a banned add-on. This means that the add-on is not supported by the XBMC/Kodi team and has been banned from mentioning on their forum. Though the Kodi team does not limit what you can install, they ask that you not mention the add-on on any of their websites. Please do not ask them about it.

How to Download & Install Music Source

Go ahead and open Kodi, and go to the file manager option under the system heading.

Kodi Programs

Now, you will want to choose add source.

File manager

After doing that, you will see a box pop-up like the one below. Click on the box that says <None> in the field.

File Manager

Another box with a keyboard will pop-up. Enter and select Done.

Music Source Add

Now, give the repository a name, and click OK. We suggest using the default of magic, but you could really name it anything, as long as you know what it is.

musicsource name

As soon as you do that, go back to the home screen. Now, you can either click system or you can go to settings under that heading. Here, click on add-ons.

Kodi System Addon

And here, install from zip file.

Zip File Addon

In this list, you will see the file that you just set. Click on the selection.


The only option you will be able to select is the repository.aresproject. Within this folder, you will see the zip folder. Click on it.


You should now see the message that the add-on is enabled.


Now, you will select Install from repository.

Kodi Repo

Select AresProject.


You have two options within this field. You have program add-ons and video add-ons. The one you want to choose is video add-ons.


In the large list below, you see “The Music Source“. Select that option.


Now, you should see the install screen.


Once you click the install button, you will know that everything has been done correctly if you see the pop-up message, and the left side of the screen displaying that the add-on is enabled.


As you see above, you add-on is now ready to use, and you may access it by going back to the home screen. From there, go to videos and then add-ons.

And that is all you have to do to get this great streaming source of music. Please share our guide with your friends so they can get the most out of Kodi.

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