How to Install Kodi 15.2 (Isengard) for Windows

Welcome to our installation guide to set up Isengard on your Windows machine. Kodi is an open source media streaming product that was formerly known as XBMC (XBox Media Center). After branching off to Kodi, it has become the preferred method for cord cutters to watch shows they would normally miss on TV. If you are an expat, you know all too well the pains of missing your favorite shows because you are no longer in your home country.  Kodi along with a VPN will help you regain access all all your favorites.

In this guide, we are going to install Kodi 15.2 (Isengard) on our Windows 10 system. Currently, there is a more recent version of Kodi that is stable called Jarvis. Some addons and builds are only compatible with specific versions, so using Isengard may cause a problem. Keep in mind that there are quite a few steps involved in this process, so it would be wise to favorite this post, and refer to it if you are going to use Kodi on Windows. Also, we assume you have some computer knowledge, or you would not be here. Even so, we will walk you step by step through the install process.  Your first step here is to download Kodi (Isengard) from website, as seen below. Since we are using the Windows version, you will want to scroll down the page, to find the older versions link. Click the Isengard option, as shown by the red arrow and save the file.


Now, you will need to save the file, and launch the installation wizard. Here are the images that follow. Go ahead and click next, and then agree.

Jarvis Install 2

In the next step, it will ask you where you wish to install Kodi. Though it will give you a default location, we suggest using the desktop. That way, you can find it easily. If not, making a shortcut to the Kodi.exe file and placing it on the desktop works as well. After doing that, it will give you the option to run Kodi. If you check the box, it will start. Next, you will see a screen that looks like this.

Kodi Homescreen

This is the main Kodi screen. The first thing we will do is change the mode from full screen to windowed mode. If you wish to leave it full, skip this step. By clicking on system in the left menu, you will see a screen like the one below.

Kodi Settings

To change the mode, click on system and then video output. The up and down arrows will let you switch between windowed and fullscreen options. That’s all there is installing Kodi.  The rest of our post gives you some tips to help you get started in using Kodi.  Many of the resources listed below come from an excellent video from Simply Austin.  You can follow it to get some of the extras that make Kodi so great.

Setting Up Repositories in Kodi

Now go back to the main screen, and select the file manager tab like this.

Kodi Setup

After doing this, you will see the file manager screen below. The red arrow shows where you go to add the source. Once you do that, you enter a web address where you see the blue arrow. The way Kodi works is by using repositories, so some of the items will be abbreviated repo. The first one you need to add is in the source field. Now you need to name it. We suggest using a dot in front of the word, like you see to the left, and .super repo is what we will call this one. Click ok, and add another source. Now, you will want to enter for the second one. Call this one .xfinity like you see in the image below. Next, we have to add. Use .metal for this one. Lastly, enter and call this one .teamexpat. After hitting ok on the final one, you will see them all there on the left. Exit this screen and go back out to the main screen. Those are all the video addons that we will start with. One final note, adding the source of will give you the ares wizard, so you will want to follow the same procedure. we will go in to that one further in a moment.

Kodi file manager

Setting up Add-ons in Kodi

From the home screen, hover your mouse back over system and go to the settings tab, right next to file manager. Select the option that says add-ons, and that will show the screen as you see below. Your next step is to click on the options that say install from zip file. Kodi will then show you the files you just added. Click on each one, and if you were successful, you will see a pop up window at the bottom with the icon for that repository.

Kodi setup screen

To get back to the main screen, push the home icon. Now you will want to click on programs, and get more. This list is mostly alphabetical, so look for addon installer. This very helpful tool will help you find popular addons for Kodi. The screen should look like the one below. Now, you have several options, but we suggest selecting featured and choosing 3 different options to start with. Those are Exodus, SALTS (Stream all the sources),  and Channel Pear. You can add others, but those are the best.

Kodi addon screen

The next step on this journey is to go back to the home screen and select video addons. Choose one of the sources you just added, and you can search for whatever you wish to.

Now that you have the basics for installing addons manually, let’s talk about the other way. Kodi is very popular, and many sites have different builds. Those may include images from movies or popular tv shows, and have their own look and feel. The reason you would select a build is to have the processes we just mentioned done automatically, and to change the skin from Confluence to something else. Now is when we use the Ares Wizard.

Go to addons, and click on Ares Wizard. Let it set up, and you will see a screen that looks like the one below.

Kodi Ares Wizard

This is a great place to browse builds. There are many different ones, all with different themes and channels. You will want to look for one that is popular, mainly because those are likely to be updated the most. For the sake of this demonstration, we chose the build called streetwise.

Kodi Build

As you can see, this makes Kodi look quite a bit different. Depending on the choices you make, you can watch all movies and shows that you would normally have access to. If you wish to choose a different skin, or go back to the original, select that skin from the Ares Wizard. From there, you can do a clean install, or use a different skin. Be sure to use a skin that is compatible with Isengard, or else you may encounter errors.

To watch any show or movie, select one of the icons like you see above and look for the search feature. Put in anything you would like to watch and click search. You will see links to shows or movies, depending on which one you chose. While navigating through Kodi, you can add great free music channels like Tunein Radio, and many more.

Lastly, when using Kodi on Windows, we advise using a VPN to avoid geo restrictions and protect your privacy. We recommend ExpressVPN since they have a large network of servers around the world and a kill switch feature to protect your privacy if you were to disconnect from the VPN. There you have it. If you follow the procedures as we stated, you should have no problem accessing the content you wish to watch or listen to. The differences you will notice between Isengard and Jarvis are minimal, and you won’t be able to tell much difference between the two versions.