Chroma Skin for Kodi Jarvis

Chroma is one of the best skins for Kodi. Switching out skins is a great way to give Kodi a new look without a lot of effort. In the case of the Chroma skin for Jarvis, you will not need to install a build or do anything technical. In fact the skin is already in Kodi. You just need to let it download and install. From there you can customize it if you like or go with the defaults.  We’ll walk you through all the settings in case you want to tweak it a bit.

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Download and Install Chroma Skin

We’ll jump right in and start.  Go ahead and select System as shown below.


The next step is to select Appearance.


Now you want to click on Skin from the left hand menu and then select Skin once more on the right hand side of the screen as shown below.


The following screen will display the skins you currently have installed.  Confluence is the default skin that comes pre-loaded on Kodi Jarvis.

Skin list

Select the Get more button to view a full list of available skins.

Skin - get more

You will notice Chroma toward the top of the skins list.

Skin list - Chroma

The next step is to click on the Chroma skin.  Doing so will start the download and install process.  You will notice a few progress bars.  It only takes a few seconds to complete.

Chroma download

At the end of the install of Chroma you will be presented with a message asking if you want to keep the skin.  Go ahead and confirm by selecting Yes to enable the Chroma skin.

Enable Chroma skin

Now that you’ve enabled Chroma, you can visit the home screen to see the new skin or further customize it.

Configuring the Chroma Skin Settings

There are several options for tweaking Chroma.  Now that you have the skin installed, go ahead and click on Settings as shown below.

Chroma menu

You will be presented with a menu with several tabs.  The top tab is labeled General.

Chroma settings - general

The General screen lets you toggle these settings:

  • Hide watched marks
  • Hide unwatched and partially watched marks
  • Enable auto scrolling for plot & review
  • Enable manual scrolling for plot & review
  • Enable window closing icon
  • Highlight first letter while scrolling
  • Disable media infos in icon view
  • Enable text allignment of plots
  • Enable kiosk mode

The second tab covers the Home settings.

Chroma settings - home

Not too many options here.  The Home screen will let you customize menu items and widgets, use default background on home page, and enable home shelf.

Now we’ll move on to Playback.

Chroma settings - playback

You have a few Playback options:

  • Disable background music visualization / video play
  • Go fullscreen on music playback
  • Configure lyrics add-on
  • Disable overlay in music playing screen
  • Show info panel in paused video playback
  • Disable OSD in paused video playback

The next screen down is titled Art Management.

Chroma settings - art

Art Management will let you set several options:

  • Background transparency
  • Ken Burns effect on backdrops
  • Disable fanart backdrops
  • Enable cdart
  • Enable extra fanart
  • Enable clear logo
  • Enable clear art
  • Enable studio/album label art
  • Root folder for custom weather fanarts
  • Root folder for custom weather icons

We’ll move on down to Startup.

Chroma settings - startup

This is where you can configure the startup window, startup delay in seconds, startup screen type, and startup playlist.

Just a few more screens.  Next up is Quit Menu.

Chroma settings - quit menu

The Quit Menu will let you toggle options including quit, suspend, shutdown, reboot, and shutdown timer.

The Backgrounds screen will let you set background images for each section of Kodi.

Chroma settings - backgrounds

The final settings screen is is called Themes.

Chroma settings - themes

The Themes tab will let you switch between green, amber, fuchsia, indigo, titanium, custom color, and color sweep.  You can play around and find the best color.

Now that you have everything just the way you want it to be, let’s slide back to the home screen and take a look at your new skin.

Chroma skin

That’s all there is to downloading and configuring the Chroma skin.  Please share our guide with your friends so they can get the most out of Kodi.

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