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The Wolf addon has a number of different things including Live TV Portugal, TV Arenas, TV International, Movies/TV shows, Kids TV shows, and more....
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MP3 Streams is a popular audio addon for Kodi.  We want to note that the add-on is not supported by the Kodi team.  Please...
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Wookie Wizard Guide

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Kodi Core

Introduction to Kodi

Kodi is an open source media player that will play a variety of media sources and assist you in watching or listening to online content through the use of add-ons. Because of this platform, there is the potential to have both official and unofficial add-ons. In other words, if you want to watch old episodes of a TV show, watch a movie, or even listen to music, Kodi gives you the ability to do so. If you are going to use these options, you will want to use a VPN service with a kill switch feature.

On this site, we will cover both official add-ons (those approved by Kodi) and unofficial add-ons. If you are going to use and install the unofficial or banned add-ons, remember that the official Kodi forums is not the place to ask questions about them. Instead, support comes from the maker of the add-on. If we provide you with a banned/unofficial add-on, we will state it in the body of the post.

Use Kodi with a VPN service
There are several advantages to using a VPN with Kodi. Our recommendation is ExpressVPN. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Geo-restrictions. Though Kodi has numerous add-ons, some of them may not be available in all areas. ExpressVPN will help you get around any of these types of restrictions.
2. Privacy. The official add-ons may not cause any issues, but the unofficial ones may. If you watch a movie by using Kodi without using a VPN, there is a chance you will get a letter from your ISP requesting that you cease and desist. When those types of letters go out, there is a chance you may get fined or dropped from internet service.

How Do I Get Started?

With the popularity of cord-cutting (dumping multi channel providers) now, Kodi is becoming an extremely popular method to access international TV shows, movies, live sports events, anime, and other content quickly and easily. There is a world of information on the internet and if you know where to look, you too can have access to it. That is why we are here.

We mentioned Kodi was powerful, and part of that power comes from compatibility. Kodi is available in many forms including:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Kodibuntu
  • Raspberry PI
  • Chromebox
  • Amazon Fire

And more! These system give Kodi the mobility to be used on almost every device you could think of. For most of the reviews and guides on this site, we will demonstrate by using the Windows client. We have also used the Android client as well, but there is no difference between the two systems.

Now, you may say that all of this is great, but how do I get started? To get started, you will want to start with our installation guide to install the latest version (Krypton) found here. This version is the stable release, and the one that is used in our guides.