MP3 Streams Addon Guide

MP3 Streams is a popular audio addon for Kodi.  We want to note that the add-on is not supported by the Kodi team.  Please refrain from asking about MP3 Streams in the Kodi forum.  They will frown on anyone who mentions it on the site.  That being said, the Kodi team does not limit the add-ons users can run so you have full access to install MP3 Streams.

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How to Download & Install MP3 Streams

Let’s jump right in and look at the steps involved in setting up MP3 Streams for Kodi.  The first step is to click on System and then File Manager as shown below.

Kodi Programs

Now you will want to select Add source from the list on the left of the screen.

File manager - add source

Now that you have clicked on add source, you will see the Add Files source box pop up. Click inside of the box where the word <None> is displayed. That will bring you to a screen like the one below.

Fusion path

Next you will want to enter exactly, and hit done.

Name media source - fusion

Now, it is time to name the source. You can call it whatever you like, but we suggest calling this one fusion, or .fusion, just so you can find it easily. Next, hit Done and then press the OK button.

Now that you have added fusion to the list, go back to the home screen and click on System and Settings.

Kodi System Settings

Now that you see the familiar gear screen, select Add-ons.

Kodi System Addon

Next click on Install from zip file as shown below.

Install from zip file

Scroll down the list and select fusion.

Install from zip - fusion

Next you will want to click on xbmc-repos and choose the english option.


You will now see quite a few options. Fusion has many choices. However the one you want to pick for MP3 Streams is the one labeled The version number is subject to change, but as long as you choose a variation of that repo, you should be fine.

Kinkin zip

Next you will want to select Install from repository.

Install from repository

Choose the Kinkins REPO from the list on the left.

Kinkins Repo

Next select Music add-ons from the list

Kinkos - music addons

As you might guess, the next step is to select MP3 Streams.

MP3 Streams addon

Now you will want to Install the addon.

MP3 Streams install

Look for the Add-on enabled notification in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

MP3 Streams enabled

You will want to click on MP3 Streams one more time.

MP3 Sreams

Now you will want to select Configure.

MP3 Streams - configure

Most of the settings are optional.  However, you will want to disable “Choose the golden path”.

MP3 Streams settings

You can change any of the settings you wish.  Once done go ahead and select OK to configure MP3 Streams.

MP3 Streams settings cont.

Now that you have the add-on installed and configured let’s take a quick look at how you access it from within Kodi.

How to Access MP3 Streams in Kodi

Now that you have MP3 Streams installed, proceed back to the Kodi home screen.  From there you will want to go to Music and click Add-ons.

Music add-ons

It’s time to run MP3 Streams for Kodi.  Start by clicking on MP3 Streams.

MP3 Streams

Now that you have launched the MP3 Streams add-on, you can search for music by artist, top albums, new albums, and more.  You can also search by artist, album, or song.  The best way to get to know the add-on is to play with it a bit.  You will find a wider range of music to listen to and can save your favourites.

MP3 Streams library

There you have it.  Fire up MP3 Streams anytime you want to enjoy a wide range of music. Please share our guide with your friends so they can get the most out of Kodi.

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