Felvs Wizard Install Guide

Wizards are wonderful things in the Kodi community. Of course, we are not talking about the kind that cast spells, but there is sure to be a build that is along those lines if you want one. The purpose of these wizards is to make the user’s Kodi experience more enjoyable by helping them gain access to builds they would not know how to get to. Many of the wizards have similar features, but we will talk about the Felvs Wizard in just a moment.

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Note: The Felvs Wizard is a banned add-on. This means that it is not supported by the XBMC/Kodi team and has been banned from mentioning on their forum. Whereas the Kodi team doesn’t put a limit what you can install, they don’t want you to mention it on any of their websites. If you should need support for the Felvs Wizard, there are ways mentioned inside of the Wizard.

How to Download and Install Felvs Wizard

All of that said, let’s open up Kodi, and install the Felvs Wizard. First go to System, and then File manager.

System - File Manager

Next, click on the Add source heading.

File Manager

When you do that, a box will pop up with the word <None> in one of the fields. Click inside that box to enter the details.

Blank Add Source Box

Now, you will want to enter exactly http://felvswizard.esy.es/wizard and then click Done.


When it asks you to name the file, you can call it felvs, or whatever you want, as long as you know what it is. Now click OK. Here, you see that we did call it felvs. Go ahead and click on the file.


The next screen will bring up the only file you can click on. It is labeled plugin.program.FelvsWizard.zip.


Like most wizards, this one takes a little bit to install. It will install, but patience is important. You will know it is done when you see the pop-up notice in the bottom right part of the screen.


As soon as it installs, you will likely get a pop-up box that looks like the one below. You may choose either option here. Though we selected the option to install a community build, it will not install a random build.


If you exit out of the builds section and go back in, you will go to Felvs Builds to look at builds. Clicking on the heading may result in a failure at first, but just click it one more time and you should be taken to the more than 120 builds that Felvs has listed. These are great builds and they feature not only sports teams from the US and UK, but also some well known movies, video games, and niche builds. Check out this great wizard and you should be satisfied.

How to Use Felvs Wizard to Install Builds

Here is what you will see when you launch the Felvs Wizard.  There are quite a few builds to choose from.  Find the build you would like to load and click on it to start the installation process.

Felvs - Nightmare build

We selected the Nightmare build as an example.  The next screen will ask whether you want to load a fresh install or standard install.  A fresh install will do just that.  It will give you a fresh install of Kodi with the Nightmare build.  The standard install will add the Nightmare build to your exiting Kodi environment.  Once you make a selection, the build will install.  At the end it will ask whether or not you would like to view the errors.  It’s up to you but the errors will show if part of the build failed to install.

Felvs - build install

Once the build is installed and you’ve had a chance to view any errors you will want to restart Kodi.  In fact the Felvs Wizard will let you know that to save changes you need to force close Kodi.  Simply click OK and then launch Kodi again.

Felvs - Kodi restart

This time when you open up Kodi you’ll be welcomed with a new look and feel as shown below.  Your Kodi environment (skin, addon-ons, etc) will be based on the build you just installed.

Felvs - build homescreen

That’s all there is to it.  You can now use the Felvs Wizard to find your favorite build. This will save you hours and get you up and running fast.  Please share our guide with your friends so they can get the most out of Kodi.

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