Ares Wizard Install Guide

Since Kodi is open source, users can easily change the look and feel of their installation. A very popular way to do this, is through the use of wizards. These are program add-ons that make it simple for users to install skins, change builds, or even tweak some of the files they already have. One of the most popular is called the Ares Wizard. It has quite a few good features, including some great builds. We’ll talk more about that shortly.

A word of caution though, this add-on is banned and is not officially recognized by the Kodi team. Don’t go to their website and post questions about the wizard, or mention it in their forums please, they will not be able to answer them. Ares Wizard includes some banned builds as well.

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How to Download and Install Ares Wizard

Your first steps in installing the Ares Wizard is to open Kodi, go to System heading and select File manager.

System - File Manager

Now, go to Add source.

File manager - add source

Clicking on that link will cause the Add Files source box to pop up. Click inside the box that says <None>.

Blank Add Source Box

Enter exactly and click done. Then, you will want to name it, and press OK.

Go back to the home screen and click on the System heading. The settings screen will appear, and click on Add-ons.

Kodi System Addon

Next, you will want to select the Install from zip file option.

Install from zip file

Click on the heading, you will see where you just added the ares file.


Once you click on the ares icon, it will go to a sub level. Here, the file should say This file may have a different version number, but it should still be along the same lines.


After you click the file, you will see the pop-up indicating that the add-on is enabled. If you do not see this happen right away, don’t worry. Installing the Ares Wizard can take a few moments. It will eventually pop up.


And the add-on is now enabled.  As you can see in this image, there are several options to choose from.

Kodi Ares Wizard

Whether you want to browse some of their builds, tweak your Kodi system, browse add-ons, or even install fresh but leave the Ares Wizard intact, you may do that all from here. Be sure to look through the add-on for more specifics. This wizard is terrific and easy to use. We certainly recommend using it.

How to Install an Ares Wizard Build

As we mentioned, there are a number of builds available for this wizard. We will demonstrate how to install a build by using the Fire TV Guru build. Every skin has different fonts, layouts, and add-ons. Which one is the best is often times a matter of preference and opinion. We advise if you find one you like, install additional add-ons. Choose whichever skin you wish, again, we are using Fire TV Guru in this case.


Click on your selection, and you have the option of doing a fresh start or an install. The difference is the fresh start will wipe out all over your add-ons with the exception of the Ares Wizard. Otherwise, you will want to just hit install.


Now, the wizard will ask you if you want to save your data before you install the skin. select which ever you want, and it will begin to install like you see below.


Once it is installed, Kodi will need to be closed. That is so it can install the build. Here, click OK.


Now, when you open your Kodi, you should have a different experience than you had before. This build includes different categories, and is very sharp looking.


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